Thank you for your interest in Autumn Care,

where we are providing cutting edge short-term rehabilitation, as well as compassionate long-term care for adults and seniors in North Carolina and Virginia.

Whether recovering from surgery, acute illness or just deconditioned, whether in-patient or outpatient,
Autumn Care is committed to providing high quality therapy that is tailored to meet the specific needs of those we serve. Our goal is to help every patient achieve independence, happily and in comfort.

The decision to seek long-term nursing care is not always an easy one.

Most everyone prefers the familiar surroundings of home, so our staff works diligently to create a comfortable, homelike atmosphere. Long-term care also requires caregivers with exceptional empathy and compassion. At Autumn, you will sense this dedication through the longevity of our loyal staff. Our family of caregivers has a genuine concern for all of our residents, short or long term.